Friday, April 17, 2015

Getting Real Pt Addendum - Are my ears broken?

A bunch of folks have asked what's going on in the tuning with this transcription? To be honest, it's difficult. Neither musician tuned their sampled instruments to a standard tuning, and dealt with the situation on their end by simply transposing certain instruments up and down to compensate. I can't quite remember if Scream Tracker let you tune anyways (but Impulse Tracker did). So lots of their instruments are just a hair out of tune with respect to each other.

The problem of course is that I'm remapping the music to a VSTi that has a common tuning. I think I did pretty well for most of the remapping, but some people have noted that some of the movements in the piece are out of tune with respect to other movements, while in the original this isn't the case.

The truth is? Laziness on my part, plus a desire to minimize the number of note-instrument combinations and lower entropy...even if the movement was a bit out of tune to the entire song.

But there was one area I really made a mistake, in the blue flowy sea landscape about 7:30 into the production, I b0rk3d up the melody. The lead that PM was using was simply tuned off from the rest of the tracks, and when I tried to fix it and transpose it, I ended up putting it a perfect fifth off of what it should have been. (greets to yzi on Pouet for catching the exact nature of the problem). Lots of people caught this issue, but lots of people didn't. I'm definitely one of those that didn't...I attributed the "off sound" to different instruments, no portamento, etc. instead of me simply being out of tune.

To prove it, I walked myself back through the original score, retuned the lead to match, and simply transposed the lead till it sounded like the original and sure enough, it was a fifth off!

So if you want a version with that lead fixed. Here it is.

I probably won't spend the time to fix the rest of the minor issues and transposition problems. To be honest, I'm ready to move on to different music, having heard some version of this soundtrack too many times to count!

Table of contents

4. Origins
5. Entropy

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